Whatcha got for me today?

How can we assist you?

Our Welcome-Aboard Session

Are you new to Rockstar Academics?
We can’t wait to meet you! If you’ve recently registered for one of our virtual courses, make sure you fill out the survey in advance so we can learn a little about you and prepare for our call!

Plan for a 45-minute conversation!

1 hour

Quickie 15-minute Check-in Call

Some of my comprehensive coaching clients schedule weekly, 15 minute check-ins for accountability or regular Q&A on big projects. (Do you need an accountability partner? Ask about this on our next call!)

30 minutes

My Regular Rockstar Coaching Appointment

For comprehensive coaching clients with Erika or another member of the Rockstar coaching team. (You’ll be prompted to tell us a little about the meeting topic on the next screen.)

1 hour and 30 minutes

Proofread and Review Appointment

• Be sure that you plan to send me the document we are proofreading by 7pm the night before our appointment so I can review it; if you don’t, we’ll spend this time reading it together, which will be less effective for you. ;)

1 hour

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